Well Provisioned is a unique concierge gifting service based in Victoria, dedicated to elevating the art of corporate gifting. Specializing in bespoke gift baskets, we blend the best of local Victoria with extraordinary items from around the world. Whether it's a curated selection by our founder Amber or a fully customized basket, each creation is a reflection of our commitment to quality, local culture, and exceptional taste.

about our founder, amber shute

The inspiration behind Well Provisioned comes from Amber Shute, a multi-talented entrepreneur with a rich history in vacation home renting, Air BnB hosting, and a deep connection to the wellness and hospitality industries. The journey of her dynamic career life has been marked by experiences ranging from small-town bakeries, luxury yachts and award-winning restaurants to obtaining a diploma in Phytotherapy and become a medical herbalist and green beauty product formulator. Amber's approach is characterized by a nurturing, fair, and honest touch, combined with meticulous attention to detail and discerning taste.

Amber's diverse background is the cornerstone of Well Provisioned, infusing each gift basket with a sense of luxury, comfort, and a deep understanding of what makes a memorable gift. Through Well Provisioned, she aims to redefine corporate gifting, crafting experiences that resonate with both giver and recipient, all while supporting and showcasing Victoria's vibrant community of artisans and entrepreneurs along. Every Well Provisioned basket is more than just a gift; it's an embodiment of Victoria's unique charm and Amber's vision of fostering a world full of people doing and enjoying the things they are passionate about.

about well provisioned

Curating exceptional local experiences for your business partners and clients

She loves cooking and entertaining. She's known for having impeccable taste and being an exceptional host.

"I'm the type of person who's always innovating and iterating."

A little more about Amber

She's passionate about beautiful design and creating memorable spaces and experiences.

She's a botanical formulator and medical herbalist with a clinical practice.

She's a perfectionist who sweats the details and always strives for elegance.

Her happy places are puttering in the kitchen or garden, sunny days at the beach, boating with her hubby, and snuggling her cat.

Our Core Values





why you should Choose Well Provisioned for unforgettable client gifts

Where quality meets creativity in every corporate gift

Opt for Well Provisioned and transform corporate gifting into an art form. Our baskets are not just gifts; they're carefully crafted experiences that blend local Victoria highlights with unique global finds. With Amber's expertise in wellness and hospitality, each basket is a testament to thoughtful curation and unparalleled quality. Choose us to make a lasting impression on your clients and partners, all while supporting a community of local artisans and businesses.

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