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Custom corporate gifts: a taste of Victoria and beyond

At Well Provisioned, we specialize in creating custom corporate gifts that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest's culinary and wellness excellence. From exquisite local caviar and sparkling wines to wild-foraged preserves and Salish Sea-infused bath salts, our selections are tailored to showcase the best of the region. Amber's keen eye for quality ensures that each item, whether locally sourced or from further afield, is exceptional.

Handpicked Local Delights and Global Treasures

Your corporate needs are unique, and our service reflects that. Whether it’s a bespoke gift basket filled with artisanal treats for a special client or a personalized selection for a corporate event, we handle the details. Simply convey your preferences, and Amber will handpick items from our network of esteemed local vendors, ensuring a gift that is both impressive and thoughtful.

You Choose, We Curate

Our process is designed for your convenience. Once your custom corporate gift is curated, we arrange for timely delivery. This seamless service allows you to focus on what's important - your business and clients - while we ensure that your gift leaves a lasting, positive impression.

With Well Provisioned, gifting becomes more than an obligation; it’s an opportunity to share the rich flavors and experiences of Victoria, all while supporting local artisans and businesses. Let us help you present a gift that truly reflects your company’s appreciation for quality and elegance.

Hassle-Free Delivery, Unforgettable Impressions

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*Please note that we require a $150 minimum for custom gifts

Or choose one of our curated baskets

foodie baskets

Indulge your clients' gourmet tastes with our Foodie Baskets, featuring a range of culinary delights from artisan cheeses to premium grilling essentials, each basket is a journey through Victoria's finest flavors.

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wellness baskets

Promote well-being and relaxation with our Wellness Baskets, each thoughtfully curated with luxurious items like soothing skincare products and organic teas, perfect for a rejuvenating retreat from the everyday hustle.

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Share the essence of Victoria with Well Provisioned

Immerse yourself in the exceptional offerings that define Victoria as a celebrated destination. We at Well Provisioned are deeply connected to the vibrant food and wellness scene of this region. Our passion lies in uncovering and sharing Victoria's best-kept secrets.

Our mission extends beyond mere gifting; we aim to create unforgettable experiences for your clients, all while championing a thriving network of local artisans and small businesses. Each curated basket from Well Provisioned is not just a gift; it’s a showcase of the unique charm and rich culture of Victoria, carefully selected to delight and impress.

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About Well Provisioned

Each of our baskets is a testament to the rich culture and artisanal heritage of Victoria, British Columbia, thoughtfully curated to deliver an exceptional and memorable gifting experience. With our focus on high-quality, locally-sourced products, and an eye for the extraordinary, we provide gifts that not only impress but also resonate deeply with your clients and partners. Trust Well Provisioned to elevate your corporate gifting with elegance, creativity, and a personal touch that truly sets your business apart.

Why Well Provisioned?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. One of the pillars of Well Provisioned is to build community and foster a robust local economy by supporting locally-owned businesses. Victoria has an abundance of locally-owned, small specialty shops with amazing selections of beautiful products from near and far. That being said, we are open to shopping for imported products through local vendors and we do have accounts with two global, fair trade markets Faire and Powered by the People

Can I send you to Big Box or other chain stores?

We currently deliver to all of Greater Victoria. For deliveries outside our standard zone, please contact us to enquire whether we can accommodate you by having you pick up your gift basket.

I am Outside of Greater Victoria. Can I still order from you?

Yes, all orders with fresh food items are shopped for and assembled within 24 hours of delivery.

Will my order be fresh?

We do not currently offer shipping, but may do so in the future. Feel free to check in with us or follow us on social to know if we add this option in the future.

Can i have my gift basket shipped?

We do our best to accommodate orders on short notice, but we prefer to have a minimum of two weeks' to prep your gift basket - especially for custom orders. Most of the vendors we shop with are small businesses with smaller inventories of products. To ensure they have what we need when we need it, they ask us to order in advance.

do I have to order in advance?

Orders cancelled up to 48 hours before their scheduled delivery date will be fully refunded, minus a 10% fee. No refunds are issued for orders cancelled within 48 hours of the delivery date.

What is your cancellation policy?

have other questions?

Feel free to send us a message.

"A great idea and a very impressive package."

A great idea and a very impressive package. A great gift idea for those looking for something extra special and different.

Allan Hart 

Give your clients incredible gifts that celebrate Victoria and beyond


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